Friday, May 3, 2013

Some Anandaban staff pics taken today

We needed some pics for upcoming reports. This year, we tried taking the group staff photo by the upper wards. With 131 staff working across day/night shifts, clinics or communities in several districts, we never can get everyone in one shot!! The other pics are the nursing, doctor and admin teams separately.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Roadside rescue

This story from this past weekend’s camp was the talk of the staff jeep this morning.
The Anandaban staff were in jeeps headed for a field medical camp. With a full day of driving ahead over bad roads, they were a bit frustrated that they were running ~1 ½ hrs behind.
Ahead of them, a young woman was in labor with her first child. Crammed in a microbus with her in-laws trying to get to a hospital. Bothered by her labor pains, the driver dumped them on the side of a hilly road in the middle of nowhere.
When the Anandaban jeep found them, the father-in-law was crouched holding the baby still connected by the umbilical cord to the mother – who was just standing on the side of the road biting down on a strip of her hair to bide the pain. She was bleeding badly and the placenta had not yet come.
It was a bad situation, but look at this set up! In the middle of nowhere a jeep with a hospital team arrives at that moment with all the staff, tools and supplies necessary. That was also the jeep carrying the donated clothes being sent to the camp. The woman’s sari skirt was used as an immediate curtain to shield her from the road.  Anandaban’s two female doctors, who happened to be traveling in this group, immediately laid the mother down on a makeshift pallet and took care of her.
In Nepal, unbelievable stories of hardship in accessing medical care are common. But a crammed jeep of equipped and willing hospital staff on a remote rural road?? The mercies and divine appointment of this situation are enormous.  Used to leaving on time, the staff had been upset about leaving so late that morning. But, for that woman, God had them running exactly on time.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Adventures in the staff vehicle

Long hours riding over bumpy roads in an impossibly people-crammed jeep, you would be amazed at that conversations that arise.

Pertaining to a certain string of those conversations, it was recommended to post this pic. ;)   

Raju working on the lab electrics


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