Monday, February 18, 2008

Dr. Rachel, Ishwor and Sarag Thapa

Checking patients from Western Nepal.

Nepali homes

These are pictures of some typical nepali homes in the valley below Anandaban. The animals are generally kept in the first floor (I think).

Med Camp at a Brick Factory

This Dr. Sushma treating some people living at a brick kiln. She is one of the doctors that works here at Anandaban.

Saraswoti and James MacDonald

James is the son of Murdo and Rachel MacDonald. They've now left for Scotland...and there are now no infants on the compound. Hopefully not for long, though...surely. I am spoiled to having access within my community to the entire spectrum of age groups: infant to retirees! Such vacancies, especially in the infant range, cannot be tolerated long! :)

Anandaban (the main hospital building)

Ok, It takes quite awhile to load up pics, but here is one.... :)