Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free wheelchairs

A few months ago, a group called the Free Wheelchair Mission donated 10 wheelchairs to the hospital. This picture is of (right to left clockwise) Dr. Indra, Dr. Ponkaj, Dr. Shudan, Head Nurse Neru, Training Unit supervisor Gopal and Administrative Assistant Aathen unpacking of the first box. These are much needed and appreciated. Leprosy patients tend to develop recurrent or persistent ulcers on their feet – sometimes wearing through to the bone and resulting in infections requiring amputation. It happens because their nerves no longer function properly to direct their feet how to work. The pressure points change and the feet become deformed and worn in unusual areas. When they come to the hospital, Dr. Indra can perform some surgery to restore some function; but most often, the patient has to be taught new life skills as the nerve damage is permanent. They also sometimes have to stay weeks or months in the hospital while their wounds heal. This is when they need the wheelchairs. So, this kind donation will be put to much use!!