Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 Gynecological Surgery Camp at Anandaban

Last week, a team of surgeon’s led by a Texas-Filipino couple came to lend their hands to perform surgeries for women in need. Uterine prolapse is a very common problem here, stemming from early and multiple births, hard physical labor, carrying very heavy loads and very steep hills. The US doctors said that they never see cases this far gone in the States. In one of field medical camps, up to 45% of women of child bearing age had this condition, many for decades with no options for receiving proper care. The surgeons arrived late Saturday afternoon, performed pre-op assessments of previously screened candidates on Sunday and then performed surgeries simultaneously in our two theatres Mon-Wed. I did not go into theatre this time to take pics. However, I lent my camera to a clinician and scavenged pics from other clinicians and nurses. True to type, though, most of their selections would be considered, by the general public,…a bit gory for viewing. Don’t worry, I won’t post those. Here are some of the others, mostly from lunch break (you guessed it: dahl bhaat). The two white bags are sand holding the IV stand upright. I must confess, my favorite is the 12hr jet-lagged surgeons on lunch break in the sun. J  


Monday, January 2, 2012

Anandaban Christmas activities and get togethers

Every year, we carol and give short messages in each of the patient wards. Every patient gets a blanket that they can take home. However, the compound kids are usually so excited to pass them out, that it makes it difficult to catch good photos of the blurs in action! It took me almost 4 wards before I caught a good shot. J

Anandaban Christmas activities & get togethers


Anandaban Christmas activities & get together photos


Anandaban Christmas activity & get together photos