Thursday, July 28, 2011

110728 Random recent pics

Well, in KTM, I have better access to internet. So, time to try and catch up on posting some pics. This post should include these photos listed. Not sure in what order the email will post them, but you can surely figure out which is which.


1.      Setting the foundation stones of the new dhobi house (laundry). I’ll post some pics from the old building sometime so you will understand why this is needed! The visiting foreigners on compound were given the honor of laying the four cornerstones and a stone in the middle. But, we were short a visitor, so I was asked to set the last one in the middle. Louise, from the TLM England Wales Office has a close up shot, after setting the first stone. Damaris, a Swiss nursing student volunteer in her white coat, set the 4th cornerstone. A glance up the steps at some of the staff audience to the early morning ceremony. The group shots are of Machen dai with the work team that is actually building it. If you notice that the ground looks damp…well, it’s monsoon season! Monsoon awakens all the eggs laid last year. Exponential  hatching. Haven’t seen a leech yet, personally, but I try to avoid contact with those. The giant slugs and slug tigers are out. As are the love bugs. And the cicadas are steadily gaining in volume, but nowhere near seasonal peak noise levels yet.  

2.      Staff and visitors crammed in the van nepali style trying to get back to KTM at the end of the day. The road is bumpy, so I took several shots trying to catch the staff sitting on the floor between seats. Who needs seatbelts when packed like this?