Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TLM Orientation Update

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to assure you that I am doing well, so here are some photos. Ah yes, the video above is the view from my hotel room. Yes, I am happy I spent 9 months living with Penny close to the Baton Rouge airport. I can sleep now. Saturday, Elisa Yule from Sydney, Australia arrived. She will also be going to Anandaban with me, although after orientation she will return to Australia to finish her finals for her PhD in Occupational Therapy first. In the meantime, I will go to a 10 week crosscultural ministry course called "enroute" at All Nations Christian College. We will then meet up in Kathmandu for language school. Since she already spent 15 months at Anandaban, she has been very helpful in telling me about living there. She attends Hillsong in Sydney. On Sunday, we walked to the nearest church to the hotel which was "high" Anglican. It was neither "rattle your pearls" nor "raving pente" (raving pentecostal).

On Monday, we began orientation along with Suchita (from India, receiving 3yr finance training here in London), Linda (Dutch, leaving for a 1yr physiotherapist internship in India), Margretha (Dutch, personal assistant in the Dutch National Council offices), and Ranjit (works in community development in Dehli offices).

We went out on Tuesday evening to Central London, walked about Piccadilly Circus and ate at a mexican restuarant. It was the first time to eat mexican food for many of them, except for myself and a Jenny, who works in HR and is from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The cheese was something more european, so nachos were a bit "different". The picture below includes (left to right) Joanna, who also works in the TLM HR department, in the foreground and then Jenny, Margretha, Ranjit and Suchita.

Sorry, I do not have pictures of the actual training times. Too busy then paying attention. :) I will probably be moving to the student quarters at the college this weekend. Lectures begin bright and early Monday morning. The course will end on Dec 1, after which I will then fly to Kathmandu for language school, which will definitely be a longterm prayer topic. Have you seen their alphabet??


Sharon said...

That's not what an alphabet should look like. Good thing you're a genius!

Deborah said...

That video wouldn't load??? it makes me sad!

by the way, it's Lauren

Anonymous said...

God used EVERY incident in your life to prepare you for such a time as this. He even made sure you were prepared for living close to the airport! He is faithful!!