Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hills, Mountains and Villages

There is no way to do justice in photographs to the Himalayas. Anandaban is in the foothills. On clear days, the Himalayas miles away become visible from Kathmandu. These videos are taken on the ride from Anandaban to the Kathmandu city, which is in the valley usually about an hour's drive away (16km). The road is "rough", but I promise you I am trying to hold the camera as still as possible. Even though, we could see the himalayas on these days, you cannot see much but maybe a seemingly insignificant white line of stuff in the photos. Because there are only a few places on the drive through which glimpses are good through the trees, some videos may have duplicate locations on different days. One has the gravel pit where women and men work from dawn to dusk. All those big trucks on the road are carrying rocks to gravel pits to be crushed. The actual crusher is a machine, but everything else is manual labor.

These next videos are clips from riding through some of the, I think 7, contiguous villages we go through before entering Kathmandu proper. Life is a little different.

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