Saturday, August 4, 2007

TLM and the London Interview

Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement! The interview went very well, concluding with the question, "Did you know that you are an answer to prayer?" God had set every minute detail up in advance, and you were given the pleasure of knowing it. He is immeasurably good, yes? This is what The Leprosy Mission (TLM) headquarters look like. Side view from the front steps of the guest house. I stayed within the guesthouse across the street. It is like a 3 story townhouse (most homes I saw in London look like a townhouse). TLM set it up like a minihotel with 5 guest rooms. There is a common living area, kitchen etc. with a couple of bathrooms. I will be staying there when I return for training. There is a bus pickup point and a train station practically within sight just down the road.

Train tracks in the center of the picture.

From the same point, looking back at the headquarters (center).

After this overpass, there is a lovely little path leading down to the train station. Blackberries were ripening along the fence.

A grocery store within 10 minutes walking distance. Everything seems to cost roughly double the price you would find in the U.S. See the double decker bus?

The basement room I stayed in. I don't know that I care for the extra wide angle lens that came with the camera...

The kitchen. Look - a washer and dryer! Two other guests were also rooming in the guesthouse. Both were from India and had come for three years training in accounting and finance in order to return and work at the TLM headquarters in Dehli, India. I ate some excellent homemade curry and other Indian foods while there. Forget the utensils. Have you ever eaten rice with your hands? It was indeed "finger licking good." Hopefully, I will get to learn how to cook some of it when I return for training.

Upstairs common area.

Living area.

Basement bathroom. Notice the box to the right of the shower head? It heats the water. It must be turned on and off whenever the shower is used. View out the kitchen window into the tiny back yard. Someone was trying to make it into an English garden. These are two of the people that interviewed me. One spent decades as a nurse and health worker in Papua, New Guinea and Ethiopia and the other spent decades in Bangladesh as a doctor alongside her surgeon husband. The two other interview panel members connected by phonelink from Dehli, India and Sydney, Australia. There were approximately 20 people working within the headquarters. Everyone was incredibly kind. My "accent" seemed particularly interesting to some, and one even asked me to "lay it on thick" while I was there so that she could learn it. There were people from many different nations working there. I loved it. I was able to attend their daily prayer meetings every morning. Employees take turns daily leading, choosing a song or hymn and then giving a short word, story or scripture. They then read the prayer point for the day from the TLM calendar and open the floor for prayer for anything else. You can well imagine that I liked it. This kind of thing happens at every Leprosy Mission site every day. :)

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BekahTheJesusLover said...

WOW Deanna, you took a lot of pictures!! That's very cool. The eye thing looks freakish. I cant believe you got that much touring in so little time.