Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Not Poland. Not India. Nepal - a country that is a northern next door neighbor of India. The north has Himalayan mountains, including Mt. Everest (that's obviously not the Nepali name for it), while the southern parts are lowlands called Terai (where the flooding you saw on the news has been occurring lately). I will be working at a hospital called Anandaban about 15 kilometers south of the capital city of Kathmandu - which is inbetween the extremely high mountain areas and the lowland areas. If you want to see a map, click on the link below and then type in "Kathmandu, Nepal." Anandaban Hospital also has a website which you can visit. Here are some other blogs/articles that mention visits to Anandaban and show pictures.!F810AA012531CE!331.entry


Anonymous said...

What is the date that you are actually leaving on?

Holly said...

Deanna, I couldn't help but laugh at the picture you posted of yourself, little ms incognito!