Thursday, November 8, 2007

ANCC Games

Someone had a bright idea. Just for fun, there was an game competition held for the students and faculty for an hour one afternoon. We were placed in teams. There was a competition involving shaving balloons. We did not win.

We had to creatively wrap a strange object using odd items provided in a trash bag and then come up with good reasoning for it's appearance. Yes, that is the British Prime Minister. Don't ask. We lost.

We had to see who could build the tallest free-standing object using only tape and newspaper. I do not think there was anything like an engineer in the building, much less our team. Since they said we could use tape, we tried to use it as "stabilizing cables" connecting the top of the tower to the floor (like on a cell tower). Someone reported us during the game and the rules were changed to disallow tape touching the floor. We lost.

Other team's entries:

The finale, however, involved creating an "outfit" for someone in the team from an assortment of newspapers, (cello) tape and odds and ends provided in a trash bag ("rubbish bin liner"). Each team representative then participated in a "fashion show" while another team member "creatively" introduced the "design". The resulting contestants were rather interesting.

We didn't really have a se when our team put ours together. Rather, we knew we had a time limit and that things in the bag needed to be attached to Bernice somehow. I don't want to necessarily speak for the rest of my team - but this is not my area of gifting (the shoes are particularly my fault). Before I knew what was happening, someone made her a torch at the end and said she could have something to do with the Statue of Liberty. Doesn't that just make you feel so honored?

Our representative:

The honorable judges are on the stage behind the contestants. Other teams:
Janet's nose ring was rather noteable.

This was impressive.

But this was the winner.

By the way, he and his family work in southern Nepal.

So, now you've seen alot of photos representing a one hour activity.

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