Friday, November 30, 2007

Leaving ANCC tomorrow morning...

Today is the last day of classes at All Nations, and the last couple of weeks have been particularly busy, of course, in a good way. I promise you that there is work and studying here...I just don't take pictures of that to show you, honest! So, here are some scrap odds and ends photos:

A couple of Sundays ago, I went with a group to help a missions service in Takely Chapel. It was a small church that also runs a school and helps to support some homeschooling families. The fellowship was very enjoyable. We ate lunch with two of the families and had a nice relaxing afternoon. By the way, it gets night dark here by around 4pm.

Originally, I had thought to make sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving in the cafeteria (turkey is a Christmas meal item here). When the potatoes were out of stock, we turned to lime meringue pie. It is so much fun to cook new things for people.
A kind couple, Adam and Moira, invited the other American student, Christina, and I over last Saturday for Thanksgiving dinner. We helped to cook it during the afternoon. That is the cranberry/pineapple/ginger ale punch in the pitcher!
This is photo I took one evening in the main hall.
We had a small group social at Paul and Wilma Davis home. Wilma made excellent chili con carne with multiple options of hotness. She and Paul worked in Argentina for several years and in Mississippi one year. Salsa with sour cream dip did well. Left to right: Paul, Emma and Wilma.
Left to Right: Wilma, Miriam, Bernice, Seda
In class, we each had to give a presentation on culture or country. Here is Chillie (Norweigan) talking about Japan. She and Akiko made suishi for us to try.
Listening in the classroom.
This is what the cafeteria looks like on a normal weekday. Only Carolina noticed me taking the photo. Her parents (Norweigan and an Australian) worked in Kosovo.
She decided to make the picture more interesting.

Bitte, her little sister, then also needed a picture taken.

The next week, the potatoes came in - so I made sweet potato casserole with pecan crumble on top and then a sweet potato pie for nut-free people. Last class day photo for "en route". The three facilitators (Carolyn, Ruth and Andrea) are in front.

Everyday in class, we have had this participant on the floor. Sophia is so good. I have never seen such a quiet and contented baby. The most noise she generally made was gentle baby cooing - which of course, you know, just made the atmosphere better. They joked and said that her first word after "sitting" in on the course may be "contextualization". The college really encourages couples to attend together, so therefore there are several families and infants here.

We had an evening "en route" dinner. Huai En and Sophia.

Eva's chilled bean soup for dessert.

Bridget and me. Bridget spent some time in Kathmandu.

One night, the en route people and a few others got together for fondue (courtesy of Huai En). We had alot of fun putting it together and, of course, harassing one another. Thea took the video.

Carolina and Phil with a dodging Norweigan behind them. Carolina is Brazilian. Phil is British. They will be going back to Brazil and hopefully working with university students.

The children like to play after dinner; and on this particular evening, Chris, the chef, was mobbed.

German language lesson:

Tonight we have a fancy dressup - farewell dinner. My roommate says that will be a schicky-micky party or smarty carty party. Or in other words, etepete (pronounced ate-a-potatuh).

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