Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ANCC International Night Next Saturday

OK friends, I need your input! On Saturday Oct 27th, there will be an international night here. People from different countries form groups to prepare food from their homeland and can present something (skit, jokes, trivia questions). There is only one other American here. She has lived in Tennessee, Pennselvania and Kenya (Africa). So, I'm researching what Cajun foods I could make from what is available here (maybe a gumbo and/or Mississippi Mud). Next to no one even knows what Cajun food is. For a presentation showing something "American", do you have any suggestions? Do you have any good clean jokes that we could use (that would be easily understood by an international audience)? What are some funny things peculiar to American culture? Of course, my immediate ideas are going to be pretty biased to the Southern region. Sayings like y'all, darlin, coke vs pop. Foods: ketchup as a seasoning, Tabasco, grits, iced tea, Hersheys (not available here). Any ideas?

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Lauren said...

you are still trying to figure this told you the blonde jokes would be good. Apple pie is an idea, although I don't like it. Iced tea is good, tht would maybe freak them out! lol, I never thought about that. I think the coke vs. pop is good too. You can do so much with it, if that other girl is from the south as well I think sticking more to the south would be better.