Monday, October 15, 2007

David & Jonathan Student Video

At ANCC, the student body meets in small groups, called tutorial groups, about three times a week to discuss topics, view missions presentations or pray. Every Wednesday morning, the entire student body meets and one of the tutorial groups will present a "lesson" using a Bible story. Apparently, a popular approach is for the students to carry around a video camera and make their own "home movie" version of the Bible story after which there will be a talk etc. Last week's focus was on friendships using the story of David and Jonathan. Strangely enough, Olga and I were drafted one afternoon for one of the scenes. It may not be as funny for you, but it was hilarious here - as we know all sites and people in the skit. Simeon (aka Jonathan) is on my morning chores team and agreed to post it on Youtube. He wasn't able to put the beginning scenes on which were set up Star Wars (Saul Wars) style with background descriptions fading into distant galaxies. King Saul is played by a favorite lecturer here. and yes, it is raining in one of the scenes. Hope that you enjoy it.

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