Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photoshare: Walk into Ware

These photos come from a weekend walk with some classmates. I've learned that a European "walk" is usually at least a couple hours long. :) The nearest Anglican church: St. Andrews.

The trees are turning colors beautifully. Most homes consist of two connected units (sort of like town homes). It is very expesive to have a separate home. There are some really lovely gardens. We stopped somewhere for some tea.

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Breigh said...

Hey Deanna, how are you? Guess who woke me up last night? ......Yes you guessed it, Little Bit. It was about 7:00 am and I was in a great sleep and I heard a cat meowing REALLY loud. She wanted to come out of the room . The door had gotten closed. I just wanted to tell u because I thought u would think it was funny. you dont have to put this comment on your blogg if you dont want.
I love u